Lady Ursula Wentworth's Time Dragon

History Of Brooklyn the Time Dragon

The time dragon started with Brooklyn a pencil drawing and then developed into a full painted study. This small dragon would then be added to a much larger painting together with the Dragon Bees.

This little creature is young, Dragons take a long time to grow as they live so long. Brooklyn can fly through time with a beat of its wings. Unfortunately he has not learnt how to fly back in time, as yet. This is a little bit of a problem for anyone travelling with him.

Lady Ursula Wentworth is the daughter of a wealthy scientist that spends a lot of his time travailing the world looking for answers to the strangest questions. When she was a young girl he brought back a strange oddly marked egg.

Later they were to discover that this was a dragons egg. It took many years but one morning Ursula found that it had hatched and a little blue creature with blue wings had emerged.

To her surprise strange things started to happen when it moved its wings.

Time kept getting lost.

Lady Ursula Wentworth

The Project so far