Looking for Diego Velázquez

I wanted to gain an understanding of how Diego Velázquez painted. I have found the best way to do this is to mimic the artist's style. For this reason, I have embarked on a 12-month study of the painting Las Meninas. I intend to do each portrait as a detail. It would be my hope at the end of this that not only would I have a bunch load of paintings but a deeper understanding of the artist.

For the finished paintings I would like to take the point of view of Dwarf to the right. When you are on a stage the viewing dynamic from there is so different to how the audience would normally see the scene.

Josslyn Taylor Francis

Our ongoing projects

After Alice Liddell left

Martin W Francis

Starting as a painting called Dawn. This design has undergone a lengthy evolution process, spanning over a year. It began with the fundamental elements of a tree, the sky, and the sun. As time passed, additional elements were introduced, such as a ball, and soon-to-be-added cards from the Alice story. These elements ultimately come together to complete the overall design.

Lady Ursal's Time Dragon

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